Popcarn: Mohanlal, Nasser Film

Popcarn is a Tamil movie released in 2002 directed by Nasser and featuring Mohanlal, Simran.

Cast and Crew

Language: Malayalam
Genre: Drama | Musical
Banner: Kana Film Makers
Director: Nasser
Producer: Kana Film Makers
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue: Nasser
Cinematography: Sridharan
Lyrics: Vaali
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Release: 2002
Certification: U
Cast: Mohanlal, Simran, Vivek, Jyothi, Anju, Chandrasekhar, Sriman

Nasser is at it again, as he loves to rework classics. For his latest film Pop Carn he has roped in Mohanlal, one of the finest actors in the country along with the number one actress Simran to make another classic loosely based on Kagaz Ke Phool. But Nasser fails to impress the audience with this `Pop Carn`. The screenplay is so bizarre that you wish Nasser had taken more care to make matters more simple, engaging and palatable!

The story is based on the ego clash between Vikraman (Mohanlal), a singer and his wife Jamuna (Simran), a fusion dancer. They were crazy about each other`s career before marriage. But Jamuna’s over ambitious nature and unexpected pregnancy lead to a small misunderstanding, and she walks out of Vikrama’s life in a huff with her new-born baby. After 18 years their daughter Megha (Jyothi) comes to perform in a Pop carnival, a National talent contest in Chennai along with her team led by her mother. Megha and a group of other performers set in search of her father and find him as an alcoholic who runs a petrol bunk. How she brings her parents together forms the rest of the story. The flaws in the script and narration are far too many.

Mohanlal and Simran are the saving grace in this otherwise dragging film. The idea of Mohanlal dubbing in his own voice has fallen flat as it sounds neither like Tamil nor Malayalam. Jyothi, who is Simran’s real life sister, lacks screen presence and looks very ordinary. Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja has let us down. Actor–director Nasser clearly seems to be out of his elements.

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