Season: Mohanlal, P. Padmarajan Film

Season is a 1989 movie written and directed by the late P. Padmarajan, which is loosely based on Stephen King's Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. The movie, though a failure at the box office, stands apart because of Padmarajan's story-telling style, realistic portrayal of drug trade in Kovalam and flawless performance of Mohanlal. The story is set in beautiful locales of Kovalam beach in Kerala and Poojappura Central Prison, Trivandrum.The film also showed how narration can be used as a strong tool in storytelling.

Cast and Crew

Language: Malayalam
Genre: Crime
Banner: Santhi Cine Arts
Director: P. Padmarajan
Producer: Santhi Cine Arts
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue: P. Padmarajan
Cinematography: Venu
Art Direction: G.O Sundaram
Editor: B. Lenin
Lyrics: Sreekumaran Thampi
Music: Ilayaraja
Action: Thyaharajan
Release Year: Apr 1989
Certification: U/A
Cast: Mohanlal, Leena Nair, Gavin Packard, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Ashokan, Shari, Jagathy Sreekumar

The film starts with the main character which portrayed by Mohanlal getting arrested and cops take him to the central jail. The narration starts over with Mohanlal's voice "My name is Jeevan. I feel so depressed to know that I can't see this snow filled morning and the street lambs for years...but what's the use in regretting now".

This is one Malayalam film which extensively uses the scope of flashbacks. Story starts when Jeevan is getting arrested for hitting a sub inspector. Gradually it's presenting the reason why he did that, to audience. Jeevan was in jail for 5 years for a crime he never committed but by a European tourist named 'Fabien'. Jeevan was suspected for 3 murders and court failed to prove other two murders and Jeevan got framed for one because there was situational evidence. Jeevan is sentenced for 7 years but his punishment has shortened to 5 years because of his good behaviour at the jail.

The incident which took Jeevan to jail starts in 1982 at Kovalamwhere Jeevan is doing an almost harmless business of selling foreign goods to concerned parties. Then two of his friends enters into a drug deal with a European tourist named Fabien. The deal goes awry and Fabien kills both of his partners. Fabien's girlfriend commits suicide after she confess everything to Jeevan. Jeevan is framed for the three murders, including that off his friends. In court trial, Jeevan says about this tourist but nobody believes him that he couldn't produce any evidence for that.

After being for 4 years in jail, Jeevan comes to know that Fabien has been caught by police and is sentenced for 14 years imprisonment in the same jail. Jeevan tells him that he will help Fabien escape from the jail before going out.So for the purpose Jeevan makes an assault with a sub inspector and comes back to jail.Then Jeevan and Fabien escapes from the jail by proper planning. Jeevan is getting paid by Fabien for helping him but Jeevan tells him that he knew that Fabien is the person who destroyed his and his life. Then Fabien reveals that he has no plans of giving Jeevan the money and also that he is going to kill Jeevan.Jeevan drives into a forest where he takes a real pride and enjoyment in each moment of killing the deadly criminal Fabien.

Jeevan goes back to central jail when his voice over comes in background with the visual of him driving the van and images of passing street lights in the plain glass of the van "I am getting sad to know that I am going to miss these street lights again.I had great comfort when she(one of his friend's lovers) took the money and the happy thing for me this time is that they won't have any situational evidencer against me this time...but only evidence, the real evidence...Its on my shirt, on my face, on my hands...and everywhere ". He smiles triumphantly and reaches the jail. When the cops ask about Fabien, Jeevan walks with a winning smile and opens the door of the van where the cops finds Fabien's corpse.

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