Narasimham: Mohanlal, Shaji Kailas Film

Narasimham is a Malayalam movie released in 2000 that became one of the top grossers in the Malayalam language film history.

Cast and Crew

Language: Malayalam
Genre: Action | Drama
Banner: Aahirvad Cinemas
Director: Shaji Kailas
Producer: Antony Perumbavoor
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue: Ranjith
Cinematography: Sanjeev Shankar
Art director: Boban
Editor: L. Bhoominathan
Lyrics: Gireesh Puthenchery
Music: M.G Radhakrishnan
Distribution: Swargachithra Release
Release: 26 January 2000
Certification: U
Cast: Mohanlal, Aishwarya, N.F. Varghese, Mammootty, Jagathi Sreekumar, Thilakan, Bharathi, Spadikam George, Kanaka, Kalabhavan Mani, Manian Pillai Raju, Narendra Prasad, Saikumar, Vijayakumar, Bheeman Reghu, V.K. Sriraman, Kollam Thulasi, Jagannatha Varma, T.P. Madhavan, Irshad, Reena, Rajendran

Narasimham featured Mohanlal in the role of Poovalli Induchoodan, who goes to prison for a crime he did not commit, victim of petty revenge by a crass politician and his scheming sons. Induchoodan was selected for IAS training and in the celebration party one of his friends, Paul Azad was stabbed to death by Ramakrishnan (E A Rajendran) the son of Moopil Nair(Narendra Prasad). Mooppil Nair and his acquaintance ex-minister Manappilli Madhavan Nambiar (Narayanan Nair) frames Induchoodan in the case with the help of Sub Inspector of Police (Bheeman Reghu) to take revenge of Induchoodan's father Justice Menon(Thilakan). Menon had earlier judged against Manappilli in a corruption case, handing him prison and in turn moving him into political wilderness. Induchoodan is accused of murder and the case was ironically judged by his father. Not trusting his son's words and based on material evidences Menon convicts Induchoodan of murder and sends him for 6 years imprisonment. Having lost face in the judiciary, Menon tenders his resignation and leave to Bangalore with his wife (Bharathi)on a self ordained reclusive exile . In the vacancy of Induchoodan Madhavan Nambiar's younger son Manappilli Sudheeran(Saikumar) gets selection for IPS, triumphantly completing Manppally Sr's plan.

When the film starts, six years has passed, Induchoodan is released and Madhavan Nambiar is dead. . Induchoodan is now into social service activities with his friends including characters played by Kalabhavan Mani, Vijayakumar and Sri raman. They stop Manappalli Pavithran N F Varghese from performing funeral rituals of Madhavan Nambiar thereby triggering the first seeds of revenge. In a memorable sequence Induchoodan reappears from the depths of Nila as the angry lord of destruction and humiliates Pavithran and funeral party.

Justice Menon and wife comes back to live with Induchoodan. In the mean time Induchoodan meets Anuradha (Aishwarya) strong willed and independent minded daughter of Mooppil Nair and after few meetings they fell in love with each other. Then as things move on smoothly barring some fights and songs, it is revealed that Justice Menon had a secret affair with another woman and has a daughter (Kanaka). As a girl staying alone with little income, she goes to her father asking for identity and protection but was denied by Menon. Enemies use this opportunity to defame Menon. Induchoodan learns all the truth from his uncle ((Jagathi Sreekumar) and assumes the protection of his sister.

Induchoodan asks his father of the truth but Menon denies to admit it. As a last to ploy to wring out truth from unduly proud Menon, Induchoodan tells his father he is going to marry the girl since she was not his sister. Exasperated Menon sensing defeat at the hand of son, addicts himself to drinks and finally decide to admit the truth. He visits his daughter one evening and accepts her as daughter. Before anybody else knew it, the girl is Murdered and Menon is accused of the murder and is duly arrested by CI Sankaranarayanan. Now that father and son are again meet with bars in between them. In a recap of the earlier time, accused talks about his innocence and unlike last time, his son vows to get his father out of prison and clear his name of murdering his own daughter. Induchoodan trusts his father and brings his old acquaintance maverick supreme court lawyer Nandagopala Maarar (Mammootty). Maaraar uses his extra ordinary skills to destroy the crime plot and lay bare the hidden intentions of the police and politician family. Much to the relief of Induchoodan and his friends, Menon is judged innocent.

Menon realises his fault of not trusting his son and dies after apologizing to his son, in his defeat he eventually had moral upper hand over his all conquering son. On his funeral, the enemies tries to take cheap revenge, just as Induchoodan had done earlier at Manppilli Sr funeral . In the subsequent fight, Induchoodan defeats the enemies, but lets them go free, while delivering message of peace . The film ends when Anuradha comes out of her home and Induchoodan accepts her as his life partner.It is a popular movie with necessary ingredients, action, emotion, comedy glamor and some great dialogue sequences all in good measure.

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