Aye Taxi: Mohanlal, Rajendra Singh Babu Film

Aye Taxi (Love - Kannada Version) is a 2004 release Kannada film directed by Rajendra Singh Babu. It stars Mohanlal Audithya and Rakshita in lead roles.

Cast and Crew

Language: Kannada, Malayalam
Genre: Comedy | Romance
Director: Rajendra Singh Babu
Producer: Rajendra Singh Babu
Cinematography: Ajayan Vincent
Music: Anu Malik
Release: 2004
Certification: U
Cast: Mohanlal, Audithya, Rakshita, Amarish Puri, Komal, Vinaya Prasad

Remember classy films like Muttina Haara, Mungaarina Minchu etc? Yes, they are by default associated with ace director Rajendra Singh Babu. But his later movies of Saar… series that went off the track made people think whether he is the same Singh Babu. So is his latest most expected, hyped movie 'Love'that is introducing the third generation star of Singh family Auditya as hero. But it was unfortunate to see a disappointing product by Singh Babu. Though Love does not have an out of the world story line, its tolerable but the presentation makes it fall short of expectation. Looks like the director overlooked at the basic criteria assuming concoctions like exotic locations, popular personalities and musicians are more important to introduce a new hero of today's generation.

Love has a good start. Then start the confusing scenes! All looks like in a hurry. Most of the characters enter with a self-introduction or someone else introduces them like in an old drama! It is a 'new' touch of director Singh Babu! Hero meets the heroine; turns friends; falls in love - as routine. Heroine departs from him and leaves the country; hero follows her to Dubai. There comes the super star Mohanlal as a taxi driver and then onwards, it is he who covers the screen overshadowing the hero. The question is, was Mohanlal really required for such role or was it only to spice up? However, it is good to see the super star speak Malayalam mixed Kannada (his own dubbing)! Hero comes back to India. What he did in Dubai remains hazy. Entry of Amarish Puri too comes with a self-introduction. Director Babu overlooked at certain key things in the hurried process of justifying unwanted matters. Grandfather of the hero relinquished from his family comes back from Varanasi just because of a single word from his grandson. And such anchorite turning mischievous sounds too silly and baseless.

Saving grace for the film are the locations of Banaras and Dubai, promising performance of hero Auditya, his dance skills, Rakshita in sentiment scenes, her own dubbing, Mohanlal and his Malayalam mixed Kannada dialogs and last but not the least, actress Soundarya in a framed photograph. Rest are waste - from story to music by Anu Mallik to raucous voice of Amarish Puri to heavy weight of heroine Rakshita to very poor computer graphics - the list goes on… People expecting another sensational new hero like Hritik Roshan or Nagarjun hate Love instead of loving it. However, Auditya has the acting potential, which is in his blood but needs right opportunity. He has a log way to go. Lets wish him good luck in the future at least!

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